Boat Insurance Basic Features

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

Powerboat InsuranceChoosing boat insurance can be a fairly difficult task. There are plenty of concerns that the average boater will be faced with. To simplify this process, you will want to ensure that you have at least the basic features with any insurance plan that you choose.

The Right Property Protection

When your boat is in the water, you need to ensure that, at a minimum, your boat insurance covers any problems you can face. Since damage and loss occurs from conditions we think are least likely going to happen, it is best to have a full service plan that will ensure you don’t have any surprises that come up.

For example, if you live in an area that experiences hurricanes, you need to ensure that your boat will be properly covered in these storms. This should include not only the recovery efforts for the vessel, but removal costs if damage occurs in addition to replacement costs.

Outside of acts of nature, you need to be prepared for other events that may occur. Emergency services coverage can be good to have in the event something should happen while you are out on the water. This can be everything from breaking down in the middle of a lake, to having a collision with another vessel or person in the water.

Protective Repairs to Keep You Afloat

The next area you will want to ensure that your boat insurance covers will be the protective repairs needed to keep it operational. These services should include:

  • Protective coatings to avoid boat corrosion
  • Engine flushing
  • Replacement of loose and frayed ropes
  • Liability Coverage That Works for You

The liability coverage for your boat insurance is going to prove to be essential. These are designed to keep your loved one protected should something go wrong when you are on the waters. They should include:

  • First Aid and Bodily Injury Insurance
  • Pollution Liability Coverage
  • Defense Expenses

How Is Boat Insurance Similar to Other Insurance Policies?

Boat insurance is perhaps going to be best understood by looking at it in a manner that is similar to the other insurance policies that you have. Just like your auto insurance policy will help you to repair your vehicle when there is damage, your boat insurance will help you to repair your boat should an accident occur.

In addition to this, any injury that stems from the use of this boat will also be covered under your policy. This will be up to the limits of liability in place that will usually be broken down per person and per accident for each incident.

It is important to note that each state may have different requirements in place for boat insurance. Because of this, you will want to speak with a licensed insurance representative to ensure that you meet the minimum legal requirements based on where you live and where your vessel resides.