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At ISG Insurance LLC we specialize in all types of Main Street Small Business Insurance. Whether you own a Restaurant, Bar, Tavern, Auto Repair or a service business such as a contractor or an electrician, we can help.

To discuss your needs for your Small Business Insurance in the Knoxville area contact ISG Insurance LLC  or request a Business Insurance quote online.

What Should A Quality Small Business Insurance Policy Cover?

Every business – no matter its size or number of employees  – needs business insurance. As well as you may have planned for your business growth, very unexpected things happen that can be devastating if you’re not protected by a custom-made business insurance policy.

Here’s a quick introduction to some of the policies that a small business owner should consider:

Property Insurance: if your business owns its own office or shop, then carrying property insurance is a must and many commercial leases require tenants to carry adequate insurance coverage. Accidents and severe weather happen and property insurance can prevent these losses from putting your business at risk.

Liability Insurance: Any business runs the risk of being sued, whether by a disgruntled ex-employee or a customer. A lawsuit is something that most small business owners can ill afford so make sure to get a quality small business insurance policy which provides liability coverage.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance: Unless your business is a sole proprietorship, then you’re also going to need this coverage. This covers your employees in the event they get hurt while on the job.

Commercial Vehicle/Fleet Insurance: Obviously, you wouldn’t go without insurance on your own vehicle; the same rule definitely applies to any commercial vehicles owned and/or operated by your business. Also look into commercial insurance for your employees who use their personal vehicle to do their job, such as a sales person who travels to clients on a regular basis.

Business Owner’s Packages: Many insurance companies offer packages of coverage which are designed to provide dependable small business insurance to small business owners, even those whose budgets are fairly limited. Providing your small business with the protection it needs to grow isn’t an option: it’s a must, but it also doesn’t need to bankrupt your business venture.

For a full explanation of which Business Insurance coverage is best for you, contact us today.

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