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The Digitization of the Mine

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GEOVIA | Virtual Planet

GEOVIA provides online casino websiteEXPERIENCE® Universes to Model and Simulate our Planet from the vast expanse of the geosphere to the smallest details of urban settlements.

GEOVIA supports the sustainable capture, use and re-use of natural resources across the planet. From mining to urbanization, GEOVIA delivers innovations to improve life on earth.

  • Cities
  • Earth Design & Engineering
  • Earth Modeling
  • Earth Resources Management
  • Cities

    An intelligent digital model based on geometric and topographical, demographic, mobility and other elements addresses the complexity of the cities, enabling the stakeholders to work in a systemic approach to collaborate around the common referential that allows them to simulate the evolutions of the city.

    The stakeholders are able simulate, plan and manage the city in a transversal and collaborative way to remotely share data and better observe urban phenomena.

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  • Earth Design & Engineering
    gambling-games-that-pay-real-money Maximize Resource Potential With Strategic Planning and Design

    Before investing in a new mine, or when re-evaluating mine plans in an active operation, you need to be sure the deposit, design and schedule can deliver the profits required to justify the required capital investment. With GEOVIA, you have the capabilities to maximize profitability and gain greater confidence in the decisions you make.

    With GEOVIA, you can analyze the economic viability of a mineral deposit, and then align designs and schedules to company goals.

    You also have the ability to optimize return on investment (ROI) by exploring different design options. Risks can be reduced by...

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  • Earth Modeling
    play-pragmatic-slots-free Discover and Model the Surface and Sub-surface Geological Environment

    GEOVIA provides you with the geology modeling capabilities needed to quantify and then plan the extraction of mineral deposits. Our applications integrate: ore body or seam modeling; geostatistical analysis; resource modeling, estimation and Block Model generation; survey; and other critical functions.

    With GEOVIA, mine site productivity can be increased through the automation of workflows for processes such as grade control, eliminating repetitive tasks, helps to reduce errors, and is underpinned by visual validation of designs.

    Using GEOVIA, data can be centralized and secured, making it...

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  • Earth Resources Management
    ksi-vs-logan-paul-2 Harness The Natural Environment Through Production Management and Continuous Optimization

    GEOVIA Resources Management provides solutions to manage and optimize the planning and operations of an urban or natural resource, from the smallest details of urban environments to the vast expanse of a remote mine site.

    Resources Management provide solutions to bridge the planning, scheduling and operations functions, enabling cross-functional collaboration and continuous improvement: a Plan, Do, Check, Act framework underpinned by centralized data and a collaborative platform.


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  • Energy & Materials

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